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Posted Oct-20-21 at 4:45 PM By Jake Rosen

Fall is here and the weather seems to be changing daily.  Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year in Sonoma County.  Perfect for enjoying your hobby, no matter what it is!  Aside from hobby adventures, I enjoy gardening and it’s the time of year to clear and clean things up.  Vegetables are finishing, trees are losing leaves and getting ready for winter.  Cool mornings and warm afternoons make for the perfect weather to be outside ….

At the shop, we’re actually prepping for the holidays already.  Clearing space to store inventory, cleaning, rearranging, organizing, etc …  We’re also retrofitting our ceiling lights to LED's, replacing the older fluorescent lighting.  Stop in and let us know if you can tell/see the difference!

As for hobbies, let’s see …. 

The No Prep racing is still going strong.  The third Sunday of the month is when it happens locally.  You can find info on the group on this facebook page:  Sonoma County RC Drag Racing  Changes are in the works for 2022, including allowing tire prep and a timing tree.  Around Nor-Cal, there’s drag racing every weekend, plenty of cash races as well …

For Rock Crawling, the 2nd Sunday is when you’ll find the group out at Flat Rock in Santa Rosa.  Frank has been organizing fun runs on this day, different formats are used.  Guys and gals are always welcome out there, any day.  Perhaps, with the time change coming, night crawlers will start up again?  Check out the facebook page here: Sonoma County Scalers

Flying?  Yes, it’s the perfect time of the year for flying anything RC.  The cool mornings and warm afternoons are perfect.  The wind is also more mellow this time of year.  Both of our local clubs, Liberty Fliers and the Wine Country Flyers have new runways and field improvements.  You can find more info at each or their websites:  WCFlyers  and Liberty Fliers

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