Parkzone FW-190A BNF Review I truly enjoy the Parkzones Warbirds. The whole series of Parkzone WWII planes have been easy to build and fun to fly. Each has it's own character, it's own look and feel in the air. When word came out that they would be releasing a FW-190A, I put them on backordered and waited patiently for the day they would arrive. (Patiently like a 5 year old waiting for Santa!)
Parkzone's VisionAire BNF I’ve flown R/C airplanes for a long time, mostly focusing in “scale” type flying (Warbirds). I can do basic and advanced aerobatics, but 3D is something I never really go into. But, looking for a new challenge (and a new plane), I decided it was time to give it a try.
Red's EF1 Set-Up and Theory The Wine Country Flyers club has just had its first pylon race of the season. With it brings a new class called EF-1. I thought it might be a good idea to write this article as a primer to EF-1, and maybe encourage some new folks to give it a shot, or at least come out and watch.
Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt What can I say? I’m a stronger supporter of the Parkzone’s foamie warbird series and when the Thunderbolt was released I had the 2nd one in the shop built up and ready to fly within a few hours!
Sopwith Camel Recently, Jacques has been flying a WW1 biplane and having a ball with it … A friend, Glenn, and he were mock dog fighting one morning and Jacques got his tail buzzed off and crashed. Upon hearing the story, I told them both “I’m in!”
Parkzone P-51

Being a big fan of the Parkzone line-up of war birds, getting the P-51 Mustang was an easy choice....

Parkzone Corsair

When I was a kid, one of my favourite TV shows was the Black Sheep Squadron.  It was a show about "Pappy" Boyington's WWII "squadron of misfits" which all flew the F4U Corsair airplane.  When Parkzone released this war bird, I opened the first box that came in the door and got it ready to fly....

Parkzone BF109 Messerschmitt

Hearing the stories that this plane is much harder to fly than the rest of Parkzone's War bird series had me a little confused at first.  But, upon watching one first hand, I could see that it would tip stall when bringing it slow for a landing and liked to torque over on take-offs.  The narrow landing gear arrangement also makes it a bit of handful on take-off or landing, just like the full sized version....

Parkzone Habu EDF BNF

Awe, the thrill of the jet age!  Super fast, nice and sleek, this bird looks like it's breaking the sound barrier just sitting on the shelf!  Parkzone out did itself with the design of this airframe.  Building is a breeze and very enjoyable....

Parkzone T-28 Trojan

The T-28 Trojan is one of my personal favourite planes from Parkzone because it allows me to practice touch and goes (landings and take-offs) with ease....

E-Flite T-34 Mentor EPTS RTF What does RTF mean to you? Well, to me it simply means “Ready to Fly”. I’d say this offering from E-Flite is more of a JARTF, or “Just About Ready to Fly” .... I’m not often disappointed in E-Flite’s products, and only in a minor way with this one.
JPHRacing's Modified P-51 I’ve been very lucky this last year, not crashing any r/c airplanes. If you’re a pilot, you know this is a very good thing! But, I dumb-thumbed my Parkzone P-51 the other day and it needed some minor repairs. After looking over the airframe, thinking about how I usually fly this P-51, I decided to make some modifications.
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