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Shocked Wheelie Bar

It's is currently not available.
Please check back soon.
Shocked Wheelie Bar:

We’ve come up with a cool design that allows a racer to run a single shocked bar on a rear motor set-up that uses a Pro-Line Transmission. Bar is roughly 12”

We’re selling it two ways, with a shock and without. With a shock will include everything to mount to a Pro-Line Tani. Without a shock allows a racer to customize the bar to work on whatever they want to try and allow the use of two shocks.

Please Note: This is an expert level parts set and will require set-up and customizing on your part. There are many ways to make this bar set-up work, it’s up to you to figure out how best to do this.

The assembly is straight forward. Please see photos to get the basic idea.

Bearings can go flange in or flange out. We’ve included some little shims to help fitment when running flange out. Bearings are meant to be a tight fit, and the hole may need to be carefully sized.

There’s a ton of leverage on the shock. We suggest using the two black rubber spacers on the shaft. Try 100wt oil (or thicker). The included Traxxas RED spring is on the soft side, depending on your tuning we suggest finding something stiffer. Start with the wheels about ¼” off the ground. Play with launch control (tx or esc) for the smoothest setup. For better control, we suggest using a set of Traxxas rubber wheelie bar wheels (5186).