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Local Rock Crawler Spots


Everyone always asks about where the local crawling spots are, so we thought a page showing the way would be a great idea! 

Our two favorites are "Under the 101" and Flat Rock, both in Santa Rosa.  As always, please keep in mind we are guests at both spots.  Be kind to spectators and neighbors.  Clean up your trash, and go the extra mile and clean up the spots so they are better than when you got there.  Enjoy these spots and let us know when you head out so we can join you!

"Under the 101" is the local Comp Crawler spot.  Many great Comps have been hosted by the NBRCC Club at this spot.  Lines can go from mild to wild, it's always a challenging place!

Flat Rock is more of a Scale Crawler Spot.  There's plenty of great trails carved out along the creeks, pack a lunch and explore.


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