When I was a kid, one of my favourite TV shows was the Black Sheep Squadron.  It was a show about "Pappy" Boyington's WWII "squadron of misfits" which all flew the F4U Corsair airplane.  When Parkzone released this war bird, I opened the first box that came in the door and got it ready to fly! 

 I set mine up all stock, without the landing gear.  (It looks so much better in the air, with the gear up.)   I tried a few different props, but settled back on the stock 3 blade for looks and sound. 

After a few flights, both Jacques (hobby shop worker) and I  decided our planes looked too similar and we both added some personal touches.  While not scale, I painted the nose of mine flat yellow (shop color), added a skull sticker and threw on some yellow stripes one the tail.  Jacques added some white highlights, a semi-scale arrow and stripes.  Both planes look different than the rest and are easier to tell apart when we attempt formation flying!

 In the air, the Corsair is a real pleasure to fly.  Very forgiving, easy to hand launch (although I usually have someone else give mine a toss for me) and very gentle to land.  This 'Bird really slows up nicely and belly lands on the grass with ease,  The wing skids that Parkzone includes for just this setup are a very nice touch.

As you can see in the pictures, the plane looks amazing in the air.  There's a couple shots, were you might take a moment to realize it's not the real thing!

 I recommend the Parkzone FU Corsair to intermediate and advanced pilots.  It's a good first aileron airplane, although being a tail dragger it's a little harder to take-off and land.  For advanced pilots, it's just a pleasure to fly and looks so good in the air.

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