Park Track Work Party, April 22nd

Posted Mar-30-17 at 9:58 AM By jphadmin

The old saying "what have you done for me lately?" is popping up as the City of SR is wondering what's going on with the Park Track ....  Even though the rains are just drying from the last storm, headway needs to be made on the track.  Some improvements need to be shown ASAP ...  So, a work day has been called for April 22nd, starting at 9:30am.   
We need a good turnout of helpers to move some dirt, pull some weeds, ands make improvements to the track surface.  April 22nd is the first official work party of 2017!
We're also in need of a company that works with cement and a company that works with fencing, to give us bids on work needing to be done.  We're not looking for freebies ...  We need licensed and insured companies who do cement work and fencing to give bids for "official" construction on City property ...  If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them contact Jake at the hobby shop.

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