More musings from the Hobby Shop:

I had a customer in the other day, hadn’t seen him for a year or two.  He’s an awesome guy, who comes and goes in the hobby of RC Cars.  He’s back into the hobby and on his last visit he mentioned he’d been coming here since he was eight years old.  And, up in his attic, he still has almost every car he’s gotten at the shop.

Both of those facts make me smile.  He’s got a lot of cool cars and trucks up in the attic.  And, while I’m not exactl...

Fall is here and the weather seems to be changing daily.  Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year in Sonoma County.  Perfect for enjoying your hobby, no matter what it is!  Aside from hobby adventures, I enjoy gardening and it’s the time of year to clear and clean things up.  Vegetables are finishing, trees are losing leaves and getting ready for winter.  Cool mornings and warm afternoons make for the perfect weather to be outside ….

At the shop, we’re actually prepping for the holidays already.  C...

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