We get e-mails and calls all the time asking if we do MultiRotor (Drones, Quads, ETC) and FPV.  Well, even though you don't see much of it on our website (changing soon) we most certainly do our fair share of 4 bladed flying, sales and service!

We sell many easy to start, ready to fly kits, but also sell DIY kits that let you build from the frame up.  JPH is heavily active with the local 250/280 Quad scene.  We also do filming and such with a Blade 350QX3AP and a Q500.  So, we're hands on as usual.

We have micro quads, starting at $29.99.  These are great starters and make excellent gifts!  From there's it jumps up to about $80 for a RTF (ready to fly) Quad from Blade or Dromida.  These are indoor or outdoor and are a great way to get started learning how to fly.  Depending on your wishes, and skill level, a 200QX would be next.  Or, build up a 250 or 280 size racer.  If camera and filming is what you are wanting to do, then a Blade 350QX3AP, Q500 or Chroma would be the next step.  But, as you can see, we've got many choices to show you!  Please stop by anytime!

Oh, and FPV?  Yes, we love it!  First Person View is a whole new way of flying.  A camera is mounted on the Quad (or airplane), along with a transmitter, these send a video signal back to a monitor or a set of goggles.  It's like you are superman flying around the sky!  We carry items from FatShark, Immersion, and many more ...  Cameras, Transmitters, Cables, Lenses, Receivers, Goggles, LED Lights, Frame Kits, Motors, ESC's, Flight Controllers, etc ...  We've got the best inventory locally!

Photos and more coming soon.  Please e-mail if you have any questions:  [email protected]  or 707-586-3375 

Click here to check out our Sonoma County MiultiRotor and FPV page on facebook.

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