My how time flies ....

Posted Nov-03-17 at 2:28 PM By jphadmin

My how time flies ...  Seems like only yesterday I was working on this website, but truthfully it's been awhile.  I've been surfing around here, deleting things, cleaning house so to speak, and adding current inventory items.  

I have to be honest, working on the JPH website is not one of my favorite tasks at the shop.  I'd much rather work downstairs with customers, do repairs, clean, etc ...  But, it needs to be done.

In the hobby industry, things change at a fast pace sometimes, and things stay the same for a long time other times.  Electric is king right now, nitro all but forgotten (except for repairs!).  Quads are slowing down, Heli's are starting a comeback?  Airplanes are doing their usual thing, staying steady.

Around the shop, our building repairs are just about complete.  The construction company took a little longer than expected, most of the summer and then some.  But, aside from signs, the center second story section, and some work in back, it's just about finished.  I can't say it looks great, but the dry-rot is taken care of and the paint color will be different.  I'm just thankful the caution tape and cones are gone from the parking lot ...  Which reminds me, we still have some gutter work that will have caution tape and cones next week ...  crud!

Anyway, that's it for this rambling blog post, thanks for reading along!


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