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Posted Oct-20-21 at 4:47 PM By Jake Rosen

More musings from the Hobby Shop:

I had a customer in the other day, hadn’t seen him for a year or two.  He’s an awesome guy, who comes and goes in the hobby of RC Cars.  He’s back into the hobby and on his last visit he mentioned he’d been coming here since he was eight years old.  And, up in his attic, he still has almost every car he’s gotten at the shop.

Both of those facts make me smile.  He’s got a lot of cool cars and trucks up in the attic.  And, while I’m not exactly sure how old he is now, he’s been coming in for a long time.  Most of his life in fact.  He doesn’t consider going anywhere else when rc cars are involved.

We’ve been doing hobbies, mostly radio controlled, for a long time.  30+ years now.  We’ve seen a lot come and go over the years.  We’ve held true to our main mission, treating customers fairly and helping them enjoy their hobbies.

We offer products at discounted prices.  We always have.  The current trend is to raise prices and offer a “loyalty” card.  We never agree with this train of thought, as it benefits the owners but not the customers.  Our idea is that everyone gets the best deal we can offer every day.  No jumping through hoops, no waiting for money back, just a great price and saving money right now.  Prices on many items are at, or below, the web prices of places like amazon.

We strive to offer excellent customer service.  Helping with advice, repairs, upgrades and the like.  We’re here with smiles and welcome everyone into the shop.  We’re a politically free zone.  Come on in and enjoy some hobby time.  Leave life’s complications outside the door.  Unwind, shoot the bull, enjoy a friendly face, a smile and a kind word.

The supply chain woes have not affected the hobbies too much yet.  Things will possibly be more challenging during the holidays, but we’re already warehousing inventory and preparing to have a great holiday season.  Let your family know now, we’re here for them.  We’re here for you.  While gift cards are always a great, easy idea, if you’ve got something special in mind please have your family let us know early so we can help to make your dreams come true.

We’re currently holding a raffle in the shop.  It’s free and you can win an Arrma BigRock RC truck, battery and charger.  Stop in and check it out, grab a ticket.  One per customer, per day, free.  Signing up for our e-mail list is the only catch.

Well, that’s about it for this round.  Thanks for reading and thank you for your continued support.  We’re happy to be here for you!

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