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It's seems there's a lot of people who really enjoy using FaceBook.  It's a great app for keeping in touch with family and friends.  There's always interesting posts, funny Meme's and cat videos!

But, for a business, FB is a tough one.  We put up great content, sometimes multiple times a day ...  but out of the 1700+ people who like our JPH page, we're lucky if 200 see the post.  FaceBook changes the rules all the time, and it turns out that if a user does not interact with the page (meaning hitting the like button to posts or replying to posts) then FaceBook figures you're not really interested and does not show you the posts.

So, PLEASE hit the like button every now and then.  Reply to a post occasionally.  Give JPH a positive review or post your latest project to our page.  All these will help us stay in touch with you!

You can Find our Facebook pages listed below:

Jake's Performance Hobbies

Sonoma County RC Offroad

Sonoma County Multirotor and FPV

Sonoma County RC Drift

Other Local Pages:

Sonoma County Scalers

Sonoma County RC Swap

Jake  707-586-3375  [email protected] 
Comments are always welcome ....

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