RC Boating Returns to Rohnert Park

Posted Sep-23-15 at 3:51 PM By jphadmin


Many years ago, Roberts Lake had weekly RC Boat races and meets, mostly for nitro powered screamers.  As times change, the boating has too, and now it's electric powered screamers hitting the calm waters of Roberts Lake.

Boats come in many sizes, hull styles and speed ranges.  There a a couple of groups using Roberts Lake as a meeting spot and it's awesome to see the Lake getting so much action after such a long time off.  Electric power makes RC boating much easier than in the old nitro days, but the speeds are very comparable.

JPH has upped it's boat selection and is very active on Facebook with the boating crew.  Check out Sonoma County RC Boats for the latest information on events and local boat projects.  



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