Basic Instructions:


Chassis and Slider Plates:  Photos 1, 2 and 3

Install the 8 x 10mm standoffs to chassis using 8 x 3x6mm Flat Head screws. 

Install Slider Plates onto standoffs with 4 x 3x6mm Button Head Screws.  2 in the rear holes, and 2 in the middle holes.  

16mm grub screws go in the 2 forward hole

  1. 15mm standoff on these.

Install Traxxas front and rear clip onto the chassis:   Photo 4

Hint:  Always install all the screws loosely, and then tighten.  Never fully tighten one screw before installing the rest.


Servo Plate:  Photos 5 and 6

Use 3x10 Button heads, washers and 3mm locknuts to mount servo onto Servo Plate.

(servo gear goes forward, servo mounts on top of Servo Plate.)

Use 2 x 3x6 Button heads to install plate to 15mm standoffs.


ESC Plate:  Photos 7 and 8

16mm grub screws into 2 remaining holes at Slider Plates.

25mm standoff onto the grub screws.

Loosely install the esc plate to the rear tower, using the 3x10 button and 3mm locknuts.

Place silver spacer between esc plate and 25mm standoffs, use 3x10 Button head screw.  Tighten both and then tighten rear screws and locknuts.


Hint:  different mfg’s rear tower may mean adjusting the amount of spacers between the 25mm standoffs and the esc plate.


Battery Plates:  Photos 9 and 10

Using the 3x10mm Button head, washers and 3mm Locknuts, mount the Battery Plates to the Slider Plates.


Hint:  Battery location is a personal preference.  Some guys are all the way back, some middle, some all the way forward.  Best to start towards the back and once the car is making straight passes, move the battery around to fine tune.


Kim Servo Saver:  Photos 11, 12 and 13

Drill or ream out the two holes furthest away from center, just enough for the 3x14mm Button head screws.

Mount the links to the saver using the 3x14 Button Heads and 3mm Locknuts.

Hint:  Mount the links with the grooves facing the same side for easy adjusting.

Mount Saver onto servo and onto steering blocks.  Adjust Toe as needed.


Hint:  Each front end geometry set up is a little different based on your shocks.  Adjust the inner and outer steering link height until you are happy with the amount of bump steer.   Everyone has their own preferences.


Wrapping it up:  Suspension, body, power, is all up to you.  Please e-mail is you have any questions or need suggestions.  [email protected] 



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