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T-HD Oval Body

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T-HD Oval Body, Clear

Key Features
Clear lexan body only
Requires painting and trimming
This body is made to fit all the latest and hottest oval pan-car chassis designs. With the multiple molded in trim lines, it’s able to be mounted in such a way as to meet the ROAR body height specifications for capped tire racing, foam tire racing as well as the ultra slammed Saturday night - run what ya brung - style of racing. The T-HD is a high down force design expressly shaped for the multitude of flat tracks that are so popular. This new design also incorporates the latest in body science and aero-tweaks allowing some room for fore & aft adjustment to find the perfect handling balance. There’s an add-on spoiler extension with mounting hardware, protective coating and window masks included. The included decal sheet gives you a choice of four sets of headlights and four different grill layouts. As usual, there are many details molded in too.

· Made with Genuine GE .030 lexan
· 4 sets of headlight/grill variations on the decal sheet
· High down force design with great “turn in” ability
· Molded in right rear fender brace with 2 separate trim lines