The T-28 Trojan is one of my personal favourite planes from Parkzone because it allows me to practice touch and goes (landings and take-offs) with ease.  It was a great choice when getting back into flying models, for just this reason.  I'm not such a fan of the full size plane, the Corsair and P-51 strike my imagination better, but the tri-cycle landing gear configuration makes handling this plane on the ground a pleasure. 

 I left the set-up as it came out of the box and the plane flies fantastic.  A little more lively when a lighter battery pack is used, more nose heavy and docile when the stock or a heavier pack is used.  The stock prop works great and I've done nothing but enjoy this plane since I've owned it. 

 Being such a fan of landing airplanes (it's my personal belief, that good landings and take-offs separate the good pilots from those who can bang sticks around) the T-28 was a great choice and has been a steady flier for me ever since.

 This is one of our "go to" airplanes at the shop, we suggest it with confidence to those who are looking for their first low wing or aileron airplane or those looking for a great all-around plane to enjoy flying.

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