Fresh bearings anyone?

Posted Jun-03-19 at 6:07 PM By jphadmin


It’s no doubt, driving in water is a lot of fun.  And with the winter we had, plenty of people got to experience the joy of splashing in puddles …  With their rc rock crawlers!  Flat rock park was used weekly and had a massive amount of water flowing down it.  This did not stop our adventure based rc enthusiasts.  But, the water does take its toll on bearings and screws.

With the wet weather seemingly behind us, as we move into summer time, it’s time for a little maintenance for your rc crawlers.  Axles specifically, need some attention to keep them from failing on trail.  Water eats up the grease, turning it into some type of primordial goo that is similar to what killed off the dinosaurs …  It’s been around for a million years.

The lack of grease allows water to get in and this contaminates the bearings.  As they slowly fail, they can take axle components along with them.  At worst, they can cause motor or esc failures as well.  So, set aside an afternoon or evening and show your rc crawler some lovin’! 

JPH has plenty of Fast Eddy bearing kits on hand to get you running smoothly again.  And we stock a great selection of KNK stainless hardware kits as well, so you can replace those rusty screws and have your rig really shine!

With Axialfest right around the corner, you don’t want to risk on the trial failures.  A little tinker time enjoying some wrenching on your rigs will make a big difference on trail at the big event!

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