Thoughts at the gas pump

Posted Jun-10-22 at 2:30 PM By Jake Rosen

Standing at the pump this morning, pondering life, it came to me….  The new normal is expensive.  I mean, things have been crazy and upside down the past couple of years.  People’s lives were tossed around more than any other time I can remember, it was a little crazy to say the least.  But, now “a little crazy” is getting expensive.

So, this had me thinking about how it’s effecting my customers?  You guys and gals that rock my hobby world have to be feeling the pinch too?  Right?  This made me think about the hobby shop and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on, that I usually don’t talk about.  I want to fill you all in on, or remind you all of, a few things….

First, we are working hard to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.  We know your buck has to stretch further these days; we keep that in mind every day.  Our prices are consistently the lowest in the area.  No hoops to jump through, no loyalty programs where you get a little back later, just the best price we can give and everyone gets a fair deal every visit. 

We are at or below the interweb pricing on most of the big-ticket items.  We know we’ve got competition and strive to earn your business every trip.  We know there’s more to business than low prices, but heck it’s a great place to start!  Why not save yourself some money on something you enjoy?

Did you know we ship?  That’s right, we ship US Postal and UPS.  So, if it makes more sense to call in or email us an order, please do so!  Obviously, we do not ship big items (UPS price hikes are killing that) but for smalls we’re happy to box it and get it out to you.

Because gas is so expensive at the moment, you can also call in ahead and make sure we have the products you need on hand.  You can ask for them to be set aside and we’ll hold them until you arrive.

Special orders, no problem.  Supply has been getting better, so special orders are easier than they have been.  Call, email, or ask in store, we can get you what you need.

So those are the things I was mulling over while pumping my gas this morning ….  I’d like to add two more that just came to mind.

Let us know what we can do for you.  We’re open to suggestions; we always welcome them (even if we can’t implement them right away).  New items to stock, new ways of operating, etc …  e-mail me your ideas and thoughts!

Lastly, please help a brother out and spread the word about our hobby shop.  Reminding other hobby people about us is important.  We’re a valuable resource, but sometimes, in their busy day to day life, people forget ….  Mention us by name to anyone new, and anyone who’s in the hobby.  Word of mouth advertising is the best and it really helps.

Wishing you all the best,

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