Metered Glow Driver with NiCd & Charger

Key Features
Durable Anodized Aluminum Case
Sure-Lock Glow Plug Attachment
Contoured Comfort Grip Finger Clip
Long Life Sanyo Sub-C NiCd included
It's bound to happen sooner or later. You've been using your glow driver all weekend for racing, and you put it down to go do something else. When you come back, you realize you've misplaced it, or even worse, someone has taken it. What are you to do? Most likely, you will buy a replacement or two for backup so you won't be stuck in the same situation again.
Don’t despair - Dynamite, one of the industry’s leaders in racing accessories, has just released seven new products under the Dyna-Glow Glow Driver and accessories lineup, so now you can select the glow driver that’s right for you. Each of the Dyna-Glow Glow Drivers feature a durable aluminum case that is anodized red, so you'll be able to spot it in your pit box or on the ground quickly. The Sure-Lock™ glow plug attachment secures the Dyna-Glow around the body of the glow plug for hands-free starting. The contoured Comfort-GripTM finger clip makes installing and removing the Dyna-Glow easy and virtually slip-proof.

Dyna-Glows are available in a variety of models. For power, you can choose a model that permits you to use either a 'C' or 'D'-size alkaline battery, or a NiCd version that includes a Sanyo sub-C battery available with or without an overnight wall charger. The NiCd version provides a lower overall cost of operation while the alkaline version allows you to replace your battery immediately, making it an ideal backup solution. With the metered version, you can easily see if the Dyna-Glow is drawing a current when attached to the glow plug. If your meter doesn't move, you'll instantly know that either the glow plug is bad or the battery is low.

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