Velineon Brushless Power System Waterproof

Key Features
Now waterproof
Compatible with brushed, brushless and sensored brushless motors
Auto-detects the motor type
Accepts NiCd, NiMH (4-10 cells), and LiPo (2-3 cells) battery packs
Built-in, two-stage low voltage detection for LiPo battery packs
3 drive profiles: Sport Mode, Race Mode, and Training Mode
Two-stage thermal shutdown protection
Velineon 3500 brushless motor
10-turn, 3500Kv
Optimized for extreme power and efficiency in 1/10 vehicles
The next generation of extreme brushless horsepower is here, Ready-To-Race® from Traxxas—and now waterproof! Velineon™ is the ultimate brushless system delivering the tiremelting horsepower, supercharged speeds, and ease of use that you expect from Traxxas. Just plug it in and it works.
The key to the Velineon’s extreme power output is total system optimization. Each component, from the Traxxas high-current battery connector, to the powerful Velineon 3500 brushless motor, is carefully engineered to work with other system components to eliminate restriction and allow maximum power
flow. High-frequency transistors and advanced circuit design deliver incredibly smooth and refined throttle control. The Velineon system accepts the widest range of battery types, including 3-cell Lithium Polymer packs (3S LiPo packs). Built-in, low voltage detection in the VXL-3's electronic speed control helps
keep LiPo battery packs in top condition.
Traxxas’ exclusive waterproof technology allows the Velineon system to operate in wet conditions, including mud and snow, with no special precautions required. You decide where the Velineon-powered adventure leads—the only limits are your imagination.

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