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Jake's Performance Hobbies R/C Race Reports

07-15-2018 NPRC Race Day Recap Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Say it out load in your favorite announcer voice... it means racing, right? Well, Sunday, July 15th, was the official monthly race date for the Sonoma County NPRC and it was a serious race day indeed!
No Prep RC Drag Racing Sonoma County No Prep RC Drag Racing, what's it all about??
March 2013, GP Club Race March 3rd, 2013, the Ground Pounder Warm-Up race goes as planned!
A Race Report from the 10-07-2012 GP Club race ....
Another fantastic morning of Speed Runs. Beautiful fall weather, a few die-hard speed junkies, and a nice clean street. What more can you ask for? Well .... 100mph for starters!
What a fine day for high speeds! Sunny, not much wind and temps in the low 60's...couldn’t ask for much better weather.
May 6th was the official kick off for the 2012 Ground Pounder Club Point Series. The race was held at the Driven Raceway parking lot in Rohnert Park. 80 Entries attended and it was a beautiful day for r/c racing!
ISC Side Street Speed Meet, October 9th, 2011 Just like the our full size counterparts who run at Bonneville Salt Flats, running cars for all out speed is a fickle addiction. One week you're r/c car is hitting 101mph, the next you're r/c car is hitting the wall. Go figure!
I've been to every Side Street Speed Meet and really enjoyed everyone of them. I've been officially hooked on R/C Speed Runs since that first one, a year or two back. I've posted some respectable speeds, even held an ISC world record for a short time. One thing that had eluded me so far was an ISC "100MPH Club" Hat. I've dreamed of earning one since I first saw them ....
July 24th, 2011, was the 2nd annual ISC Side Street Speed Meet, held in Santa Rosa, California. The International Speed Challenge group hosts a few events across the country and we're very lucky this grass roots event is in our area.
May 30th, 2010: There was a grass roots style r/c event held in Santa Rosa, that was unique and I believe the first ever of its kind in Northern California. The "Side Street Speed Meet", hosted by Gary O'Connor and Tim Smith from the ISC (International R/C Speed Challenge). This event was all about the ISC's slogan, "How fast can your r/c car go? We want to know!"
Another great day of racing for the Ground Pounder Club! This event was held at the Les Schwab Tire in Windsor, Ca. A unique racing venue that gets a lot of spectators and offers a medium size track layout featuring a D Shaped oval.
05-02-2010 The Ground Pounder Club kicked off their 2010 Club Series with a bang! 140+ entries, wow! It was a long, but most excellent day of racing.
The Ground Pounder Club has come a long way in the last decade. Their racing program has been built around their #1 Rule: HAVE FUN. It's paid off in the long haul, as they've weather the storms and always come out stronger as a club and having more fun than ever.
A few photos from the Ground Pounder Club race, held October 1st, at Peterson Cat.
March 4th, 2007: The Ground Pounder Warm-Up Race was better than expected. Nice weather, not too hot, not too cold, a great group of racers, plenty of competition in all classes ... What more could you ask for?
We had a great weekend at the www.JPHRacing.com Oval Shootout, held at Stockton R/C Raceway over the weekend (11/18&19/2006). The turnout was great, as racers traveled from up and down the state to attend.