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Jake's Performance Hobbies Crawler Comp Reports

SnS at JPH, August 2015 Jake's Performance Hobbies has hosted many Show-N-Shines throughout the years and and the scale crawler ones are always well attended. This event was no different, with 30+ rigs on hand to enjoy the afternoon.
May-June 2015 Scaler Report May-June 2015 Scaler Report
June 9th, 2013 Scale GTG/Comp It's a Dog-Run kinda day! 100 gates to go, Scaler's are you ready?
Feb 2013, Sonoma County Scale Rock Crawlers 100 gates? That was one l-o-n-g course! The Sonoma County Scale Rock Crawlers really treated everyone to a fun day!
The Scaler activity in Sonoma County continues! July 7th, 2012, the Sonoma County Scaler Crew hosted event #2 for it's summer series. Flat Rock once again played host to the event, with all new courses and tons of fun. The turnout was up for this Comp, 17 driver's total, but there we more spectators than I could count!
Scaler Events, June 9th & 10th, 2012 As most of you know, Jake's Performance Hobbies has been into rock crawlers for ages. Bringing the first crawler comps to our area and being a strong supporter behind the scenes ever since. Lately, the crawler direction has shifted towards Scalers, very scale looking rock crawlers.
Small turnout for NBRCC standards, but large by others, the August "Just for FUN" comp was just that .... FUN..
The final comp of the 2009 / 2010 NBRCC Winter Series was held May 16th at McInnis Park in San Rafael.. This is a unique crawler spot that does not have a huge selection of rocks, but great traction and is forever crumbling away to a flat pile of shale .. But, it played host to 2 stops in the series and both events had fun, challenging courses that worked out well ...
The North Bay RC Crawlers Club held event #7 along the Bay at Genentech. This spot offers much in the way of obstacles, as it's the rip/rap rock used to line the Bay. There are rocks of all shapes, sizes and traction levels to challenge any crawler enthusiast. The NBRCC Club has visited this site once before during the Series.
This was Event #6 in the 8 comp Winter Series hosted by the NBRCC Club. The location was "Under the 1010" in Santa Rosa. Even though this was a back to back comp in this location, the courses were all knew and the competitors were challenged.
The NBRCC Club had to make a quick call and go to plan B, when the spot originally picked for this Comp turned into a stream full of water ... The spot below Lake Berryessa will be used again during the summer months, but as it turns out is unusable in winter. So, plan B ended up being our favorite spot, "Under the 101" in Santa Rosa. "Under the 101" is well used, but this spot never lets us down. The courses were a nice mix, challenging yet all were completed during the day.
This was the 3rd round of the 2009 / 2010 NBRCC Winter series and we saw 50 entries involved in the Comp. The slippery slopes of McInnis Park treated the NBRCC Crew and all the Crawler Guys and Gals who attended the December 20th Comp very well. Usually the shale rocks of McInnis fall apart very easily, but the NBRCC Crew took special steps to insure consistent courses for everyone.
November 29th, 2009, NBRCC and Jake's Performance Hobbies teamed up to host a scaler event "Under the 101" in Santa Rosa. The idea behind the event was new, a long course scale Rubicon style run. The course(s) ended up with 18 gates and covered 120+ feet! The idea is a good one and with improvements it should be a very fun run.
NBRCC Scale Event-August 29, 2010 What do you get when you mix and awesome scaler spot + almost 40 scale rigs + more than 30 scaler enthusiasts? You get an NBRCC Scaler Comp!
It was a scaler day on Saturday, October 16th. Scaler's being the scale side of r/c rock crawling, these guys and gals had a fun day with two events planned.